What is lash tray – which lash tray you should use to apply eyelash extension?

1. Eyelash trays

Eyelash trays  has been used by many people, both beginners and professional eyelash extensions. They use in many different eyelash extensions techniques such as Classic eyelash extensions, Volume eyelash extensions, Angel eyelash extensions and so on.

Mi khay D 0.07 x 12mm
Lashes Trays D 0.07 x 12mm
mi khay độ cong d 007  12mm
Lashes Trays D 0.07 x 12mm

Eyelash extensions help to change the curvature, thickness, and length  of the eyelashes, making the eyes more beautiful and attractive.

2.  Characteristics of each tray

eyelash tray is categorized follow material , curvature, length, thickness and the number of lines on a tray (usually 12 or 16 lines on a tray.

Eg:The upper tray has the parameters D/ 0.07x8mm which can be identified as curl D, thickness 0.07mm, and length 8mm.

  • Curl: JJ, J, JC, C, CC, D, DD, L,M…
  • Length: Từ 5mm đến 20mm.
  • Thickness : 0.05; 0,06; 0,07; 0,10; 0,12; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25.

3. High quality eyelash tray factory for export.

Ngoc Vy production and trading company limited specializes in producting high-quality eyelash in order to export both foreign and dometic markets.

Why you should choose Ngoc Vy lashes ?

Lông Mi NGỌC VY Chuyên sản xuất lông mi giả, mi khay xuất khẩu
Ngoc Vy lashes

Because of the following reasons:

  • Diverse in curl, length and thickness:
  •   Curl: JJ, J, JC, C, CC, D, DD, ,…
  •   Length :Có đủ các loại từ 5mm đến 20mm.
  •   Thickness :0.05; 0,06; 0,07; 0,10; 0,12; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25.
  •   Raw materials are imported directly from Korea, Japan.
  •  Soft lashes, comfortable to eyes.
  •   Non-stick (The lash do not stick together after removing from transfer strip).
  •   No kink, No residues.
  •   Make fans easily.
  •   Stable curl.
  • Product has been exported to Korea, japan and Europe.
Mi khay độ cong D 0.07x12mm
Lashes Trays D 0.07x12mm
Mi khay độ cong D 0.15x11mm
Lashes Trays D 0.15x11mm

The reliability of NGOC VY is always guaranteed by honest sales criteria and always concerned about the interests of customers. After checking the goods if the curvature, thickness, length are not correct  as described, you can return them.

If you are interested in lash tray, contact us to get more detail

– Address: 40/32 Nguyễn Tất Thành, Buôn Ma Thuột, ĐăkLăk
– Hotline: 0932581753 (Huế) 0965700076 (Dũng)
– Email: longmingocvy@gmail.com
– Zalo: 0932581753
​- Website: https://longmingocvy.vn/
– Fanpage:  Lông Mi NGỌC VY –  NV JEWEL
– Youtube: Lông Mi NGỌC VY –  NV JEWEL

4. Usage

If your eyelashes are naturally short and thin, dramatically long or thick extensions won’t last long and may damage them. Before selecting extensions, examine your own lashes. The longer and healthier they are, the more weight they can withstand.

Lash stylish need to apply extensions that are the same thickness as natural eyelashes. Choose good technique, hair material, length and thickness that suits customer’s eyes and face.

How to apply eyelash extensions:

Step 1: clean the eyelids with saline solution and disinfect eyelash extensions tools.
Step 2: Cover the area under your bottom lashes with a white adhesive pad
Step 3: Comb your upper lashes with an eyelash brush to smooth and separate them
Step 4: Use tweezers to grab each lashes, dip the knotted end in the glue and slowly drop the synthetic lash onto your natural lash, as close to the base of your eyelashes as possible
Step 5: At the end of the eyelash extensions process, we use a glue drying fan to quickly reduce the pungency feeling due to the glue

5. Storage

– Store in a cool, dry place.
– Keep your eyelash extensions dry for 24 hours after getting eyelash extensions , avoiding lying face down so eyelashes do not break
– When customers have any questions when using our products, please contact the following information to be instructed  and explained.
– Address: 40/34/12 and 40/32 Nguyen Tat Thanh st, Tu An ward, Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak, Viet Nam
– Facebook: Lông Mi NGỌC VY – NV JEWEL
– Instagram: nvjewel_lashes
– Youtube: Lông Mi NGỌC VY – NV JEWEL
– Email: longmingocvy@gmail.com
– Hotline/whatsapp/viber/zalo: + 84 093 258 1753 (Mrs. Hue)

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