What Are Silk Lashes, What Are Mink Lashes?

What Are Silk Lashes?

Silk lashes are one of the most popular types of eyelash extensions. They are made from a synthetic material, but one that is fairly light and flexible.

  • Benefits

They are light and fine, especially compared to synthetic lashes, and last quite long. They offer some flexibility in the look the technician can achieve, from natural to glamorous, and they are excellent for clients whose natural lashes are weaker or thinner and can’t carry much weight.

What Are Silk Lashes
What Are Silk Lashes\
  • Drawbacks

If the client is looking for an uber dramatic lash look, this is maybe not the one for them. Otherwise, silk lashes come with very few cons.

  • Best Use

Clients with thinner lashes, who want a natural glam look, love then, especially brides and clients who have special occasions coming up, as they lend themselves to providing a full lash look, while still being light.

What Are Mink Lashes?

What does mink lashes mean? Mink lashes are either natural mink or faux mink, and while there are salons that use natural mink hairs, the extensions are more expensive and not cruelty-free.

And since human hair cannot be used to create mink lashes, there is currently no cruelty-free method of retrieving mink hair. Faux mink mimics real one, but is made from synthetic fibers (the same ones as silk lashes, actually).

What Are Mink Lashes
What Are Mink Lashes
  • Benefits

They mimic real mink, so they are soft and fine hairs that feel very natural and very similar to the client’s natural lashes. They’re great for natural, everyday looks.

  • Drawbacks

If the client is after a dramatic look, they may want to opt for the synthetic lashes, as faux mink will still be natural and fluffy, even when applied “heavily”. In addition, because of how fine the lashes are, it can take a long time to apply them. They also have a bit of shine, so if the client finds that too unnatural-looking, silk is better for them.

  • Best Use

Clients who desire a very natural, youthful look often prefer this type of extensions because they are very comfortable to wear, last long, and look good, even if the natural lashes are thin and weak.

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