Anyone who’s tried eyelash extensions knows just how eye-opening and glamorous they can be. The only problem is that they come with an expiration date. Like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end—and eyelash extensions, unfortunately, are not exempt.

For this reason, it’s important to understand just how long eyelash extensions will last once you have them applied.

Now onto the main question: how long do lash extensions last?

Generally, most salon-applied eyelash extensions stay for anywhere from two to four weeks. This takes into account that some lashes will fall out prematurely, especially within the first couple of days.

However, the answer varies greatly because it depends on how experienced your eyelash technician is, what adhesive is used, the life cycle of your natural lashes, raw material for eyelash and, most importantly, how you care for them.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last? | Tips for Longer Retention — Her Lash  Community

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If you take proper care of your lash extensions, they can last longer. In this section, learn the dos and don’ts of proper lash care.


Here’s what to do if you want your eyelash extensions to last longer:

  • Wash your extensions daily using an approved lash cleanser. Lash cleansers help keep your lashes free from oil, dirt, and debris that can inhibit retention. Keep your lashes clean and they will last longer.
  • Brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand daily. Using a clean mascara wand can help keep your lashes looking fluffy and full. Brush your lashes daily after cleaning them to help keep the extensions looking their best.


Want to keep your lash extensions for weeks? Here are the top lash extensions don’ts.

  • Say no to heavy eye makeup. Eye makeup can negatively impact retention. Don’t apply mascara to your lashes! Keep your eye makeup light and fresh.
  • Keep your face dry after application. You should avoid getting your extensions wet with hot water for up to 48 hours after you get them. That means don’t wash your face with hot water, go for a swim in a heated pool, or use a steam bath.
  • Pick or pull at your lashes. Hands off your extensions! The more you can resist rubbing your eyes or picking at your extensions, the longer they’ll last.
  • Don’t sleep face down. Protect your lashes by wearing an eye mask, especially made to protect eyelash

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