Brown eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because it turns out not all women want the dramatic fluff!

Many women choose to go with brown lashes to emphasize their eyes in a more natural-looking way than black lash extensions, while at the same time gaining the full volume and length that lash extensions provide.

Brown lash extensions can be an excellent choice, especially for women with a lighter skin tone. Brown lashes match their skin tone much better, resulting in a gorgeous look

Brown Eyelash Extensions - A New Trend is Coming — BL Lashes


Who should choose brown eyelash extensions?

Brown lash extensions are suitable for everyone, but the following two types of clients will love this lash more than anyone:

Blonde  clients

Because blonde clients often have lighter color lashes, light brown lash extensions offer a more natural transition than black ones do.

Fill your stock with brown lash extensions of varying tones (light to dark brown) to provide maximum customer service for customers with particularly light skin.

They will LOVE the fact that their extended lashes don’t dominate but rather complement their natural beauty.

Mature Clients

Natural lashes lose their hydration and elasticity with age and become thinner and more brittle. You will often see clients over 50 with fewer lashes and a few bald spots on their lash line.

With only so few natural lashes left, adding jet-black eyelash extensions can make their bare lash line stand out even more.

Russian Volume lash fans in brown are a great solution for this. Volume fans are lightweight (perfect for thin lashes) and effectively cover bare lash lines.

Also, brown creates a dashingly sophisticated look that many older clients are after.

Intriguing result: Go 50/50 black and brown

Mixing black and brown lash extensions will create a very intriguing look. You may not notice a huge difference from a 100% black lash look, but when the light hits the eyes, you’ll see the subtle brown shades glow through the black eyelash extensions.

Use a darker shade of brown like Mink Dark Brown. This dark brown color blends in well with conventional black mink lashes.

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Thư viện ảnhLông Mi NGỌC VY Chuyên sản xuất lông mi giả, mi khay xuất khẩuThư viện ảnh

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