To keep your eyelash extensions looking like new, longer, what do you need to do to keep them in top shape?
Apart from keeping your eyelash extensions clean, there are a few simple things you can do to keep them plump, healthy, and preserved. Certainly, you may have to train yourself a little to change your way of doing things.


Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes repeatedly? Or maybe an annoying itch that you have to scratch? Whatever it is, we understand! too much rubbing can cause eyelashes to fall off prematurely.

Minimize rubbing your eyes and lids, and instead gently massage your eyelids in a circular motion to ease the itchiness.

You can take an eyelash brush and gently brush your eyelashes until the itch is gone.

How to take care of eyelashes after applying eyelash extensions?

cách nối mi volume phổ biến hiện nay


Little known truth: in hot environments + apply eyelash extensions= bad news. Your eyelashes can become lumpy and deformed, and high heat can even melt your glue extensions.

Some cases are encountered such as: hair dryer….

Thefore, you should set the dryer to low heat. It may take a little longer, but it’s better for your lashes and even your hair!


We know that many moisturizers do not contain ingredients like oils, so they are not safe to apply near the eye area or eyelashes as it can break down the eyelash-connecting adhesive.

If you simply cannot get rid of an oil or alcohol-based serum or lotion, then you can take care to stay away from your extensions.

Gently apply to certain areas, even under the eyes. Just be sure to completely avoid the lids part as the product can go down your lashes, breaking the bond of the eyelash glue and the eyelash extensions.


Choosing eyelash material is also very important. You must choose raw material that have a clear origin. Besides, this material must also be safe for you and highly aesthetically pleasing. Where should you buy high quality eyelashes with an affordable price when there are many sources of eyelashes on the world market.

Welcome you to eyel which is famous for producing high quality eyelashes. There are many eyelash manufacturers in Vietnam and some famous places like Sai Gon, Binh Duong, Daklak, Thu Dau Mot, Ha Noi, Bac Ninh,..and I would like to introduce our company for you to catch a good wholesale eyelashes supplier.

Ngoc vy lashes company located in Gia Binh district, Bac Ninh province, with an area of 700m2 warehouse.
The number of workers of the company is over 200 people. The company has increasingly improved and enhanced the workmanship for the worker by inviting experts in the field of lash from Korea to teach. Thanks for that. The company fully believes in worker’s workmanship.

eyelashes manufacturer
eyelashes manufacturer

The company also has a strong QC, QA team to control the quality of products from the beginning to the finished product. With the help of QC,QA team, during the process of production, the company can easily find out the mistakes if they appear and also easy to fix them to make sure that the product will achieve the best quality status before shipping to clients.
The company’s lash is very diverse from size, image to color and can meet all kinds of requirements spring from lovely clients .and also make sure that the lash product will be delivered to the client’s hand on time.

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